Gennadiy Demyanchuk


Nationality          Ukraine

Associate Professor
Special Piano Department
National Tchaikovsky Music Academy
Gennadiy Demyanchuk is one of the most influential pianists in Ukraine. He received his music education in the Central Music School (Moscow) and completed higher education at Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. There he studied under an honored teacher of Russia, T. Bobovitch, well-known professors E. Malinin and M. Voskressenskyy, under whose guidance he completed a probation assistantship. It is Gennadiy’s credo to follow the composers’ texts faithfully, to draw the composers’ meanings to the greatest possible extent, and to show technically       ingenious and stylistically note-perfect playing. His interpretative decisions in performance are considered to be extremely original, sophisticated and balanced.It must be stressed that Mr. Demyanchuk devotes monographic recitals to the compositions of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, List, Chopin, and Brahms. Chamber music is included in his programs as well. His performances in the ensemble with the outstanding French saxophonist Claude Delangle received phenomenal response.An Honored Artist of Ukraine, Mr. Demyanchuk is a key figure in the formation of music education in the Chernihiv region. Besides conducting concert lectures accessible to everyone, he stood at the origins of many art projects such as “Musical meetings in the museum” that lead to the promotion of classical music among the youth.Mr. Demyanchuk performs frequently with orchestras in Ukraine, notably the Orchestra of National Philharmonic Society, the State Variety and Symphony Orchestra, the orchestras of Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Uzhhorod, and Chernihiv Regional Philharmonic Societies, and the Symphony Orchestra of Military Musical Centre of Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. His most significant collaboration is with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. In addition to the standard repertoire, Mr. Demyanchuk premiered in Ukraine the concertos of F. Brookman No. 1, B. Bartók No. 1, S. Stojowski No. 1. He was honored to work with such conductors as V. Sirenko (Ukraine), T. Kuchar (USA), and P. Kotla (UK).Also noteworthy is the fact that Mr. Demyanchuk is a regular participant of S. Richter’s Festival, Kyiv Music Fest, Steinway & Co, French Spring (Ukraine), Clavier festival (Austria) and Probaltica (Poland). Over the years, Mr. Demyanchuk has magnificently performed solo, concerto and chamber concerts in a number of cities in Russia, Belarus, Italy, Austria, Japan, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Poland, Serbia, and Belgium. It is needless to say that the release of the trilogy of compact discs (CDs) has become his source of particular pride.Pedagogical activity plays a significant role in the creative activities of Mr. Demyanchuk. He is Associate Professor at the National Music Academy of Ukraine and the College of Music named after Revutsky. He conducts piano classes and prepares students for participation in numerous piano competitions. Mr. Demyanchuk holds many master classes and is a regular member of the jury in piano competitions.