Without doubt, 2020 has been a year of unexpected and dramatic changes, impacting the whole world over. As a result, many major competitions have been postponed or changed to other formats. With this trend, the 2021 Singapore International Piano Competition, after some thoughtful deliberations, has also decided to adopt the online format. At the start, there was a lot of apprehension about this new format, but as things started to progress we were pleased that more and more attentions and supports were pouring in from the international music circles. 

Today, I am thrilled to announce our contestants, 31 in the professional category and 30 in the junior category, who come from 21 countries and regions around the world. Many of whom are already winners of notable international competitions. What I am even more proud of is our jury panel which consists of 12 world’s top musicians. Subsequently, a highly professional artistic committee in our organization was established.
Here, on behalf of the Singapore International Piano Competition Organizing Committee, I warmly congratulate all the 61 contestants. I shall await your wonderful performances with great anticipation! The Competition will be broadcast simultaneously on China Central Video, GIMA online live platform, Youtube and Facebook from January 15 to February 5, 2021. Please stay tuned and let us look forward to a wonderful international music event! 
Xiaohan Wang   
Artistic Director