A heartfelt invitation to all of you! Please be on the watch for, and to follow, the 4th Singapore International Piano Competition, held in January 2021!

As the world has learned, the year 2020 is a particularly difficult year as the Covid-19 poses a huge challenge to us in all aspects. Yet, we always strive for breakthroughs and explore possibilities. Therefore, to overcome this difficulty, we are announcing our 2021 competition which will be in an online format.

This forthcoming competition will have three distinct groups and titles: Singapore International Piano Competition, Singapore International Piano Competition (Junior), and Singapore International Piano Competition (Amateur). With such structure, we believe that it can provide suitable platforms and opportunities for every kind of pianists. And we are extremely honored to have invited the finest team of esteemed musicians to be on the jury. With their combined expertise, the best of talents will be discovered and endorsed.

Undoubtedly, we shall miss gathering together in Singapore this time. However, we will turn this crisis into opportunity, taking advantage of our modern day technology, and creating a new and revolutionary format so that our celebration of the wondrous of music will continue on.

I sincerely wish this competition the best and a great success!