Hexin Fan

Nationality         China

Head of Piano
China Conservatory of Music
Professor Fan Hexin is the Vice Dean in the Piano Department at the China Conservatory of Music, Director of the Piano Association of the China Musicians' Association, member of the Piano Academic Committee of the China Music Education Association, Assessment Expert of the China Postdoctoral Fund, Vice President of the Piano Basic Education Association of the Beijing Musicians' Association, and President of the Piano Pedagogy Research Association. She graduated from the Piano Department at the Central Conservatory of Music and studied under Professor Wu Ying. She has twice been sent by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission as a senior visiting scholar to study in the School of Music at the University of Minnesota. She has participated in many important international music festivals and concerts at the Beijing Concert Hall and the Great Hall of the People. She served as the chairperson of the jury of the "Beijing Piano Music Festival," sponsored by the Beijing Musicians' Association, in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 and has been the judge for many other major piano competitions in China. In 2011 and 2015, she served as the judge of the  "National University Piano Teacher Thesis Competition," sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Journal of Piano Artistry.She has been engaged in piano mentoring for many years with outstanding results. Her undergraduate students have won such accolades as the Golden Bell Cup Prizes, the Pearl River Caesar Cup Awards, Yangtze River Cup Prizes, and other national competitions. Her major works include Piano Pedagogy, Performance and Teaching of Classical Piano Sonata, Performance and Teaching of Piano Works Adapted from Chinese Instrumental Music, Performance and Teaching of Piano Works Adapted from Chinese Folk Songs, C.P.E. Bach and the Origin of Classical Piano Sonata. Piano Pedagogy, which was first published by the Shanghai Music Publishing House in 2007, was the first monograph that systematically studied piano education from the perspective of teaching theory in China, which has a high degree of innovation, theoretical significance, and application value. It has been reprinted 20 times and has been used as a teaching tool in both undergraduate and graduate courses in hundreds of music schools and departments across the country. Professor Fan Hexin has presided over numerous provincial and ministerial scientific research projects and has published nearly 100 academic papers, music reviews, and translation articles in various core academic journals, newspapers, and magazines.